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Lecture 11

HIST 3180 Lecture 11: week 11

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HIST 3180
Thabit Abdullah

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Week 11 27 Nov 2017 Essay Introduction what we going to talk about and we are not going to talk about (explain what going to do and not going to do) to a 13 of the page intro of a page should be background who the sasanid are, briefly, set the stage (what I will look at , and explain sources and make it abit more complex). Introduction and conclusion are important. Mid Term Thursday Dec 14 24pm DB 0007 The Sasanid Military Zoroastrian priest would accompany the army, except when Mani accompanied Shapour I Organization 1, Famous battle Misiche (244) Gordian, roman emperor was killed Barbalissos (253) Philip Arab signed the peace treaty and got humiliated Edessa (260) emperor Valerian got captured. These 3 battles cost the roman around 150k troop (not accurate though). The Savaran would break the Roman line and split them. Prove effective against the Romans, however not effective against Arabs. 2. Maranga (363) Shapour II, the roman invade cesptone, the sasanid would retreat and burn all crops and land, the more Romans get more deep, the worse Romans got. During these battle, Sasanid used Elephants in the war. Cavalry (Savaran or Armor Cavalry) Infantry Siege tactics Elephants Women warriors Savaran were elite forces.
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