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Lecture 13

HIST 3180 Lecture 13: week 13

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HIST 3180
Thabit Abdullah

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th Week 13 8 Jan ,2018 Question of Succession Arguable that there are 2 Sasanian Empires Golden Age of Shapur II (end of 4th century 379) Classical Period of Khosrau Anushirawan After the death of Shapur II, most of 5th century becomes fraught with tensions and constant infighting over the succession during the transition periods Nobles and clergy clashing most heavily Both groups are big landowners and thus wield large amounts of wealth and power Differing priorities bring them to promote separate candidates Leads to overall weakening of the position of shah Appointment of female rulers [eg. Queen Denag (457), who had to be named an honorary man to be legitimized] caused elite to question imperial stability Shahs sent princes to royal cities so they could learn how to govern, or to shadow allied rulers Sparks an upswing in princely tendencies to build independent power bases in these provinces Provinces also attempt to assert themselves as independent states Bahram Gor (r. 420438) Stuff of legends; heavily romanticized Sent to shadow Lakhmid king as a boy, grew up with Arabs When his father died, his eldest brother (king of Armenia) Shapur was murdered by an aristocratic plot and put forth a rival candidate, Khusraw I Bahram Gor, with his own independent power base, rose up with an army mostly composed of Arabs and seized the throne Threat from the East Bahram Gors time saw the prominence of the Hephthalites as a threat to the empire Lots of speculation over them Some argue theyre Aryan, others TurkoMongol (Huns) Livelihood nominally pastoralism (nomadic animal herding) Mid400s, they suddenly seemed more organized and numerous Established strong tribal confederacy, extended power over Afghan and Pakistani territory, began to encroach on eastern Iran Bahrams constant military victories did nothing to stem the flow, and raids grew more frequent and got deeper
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