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Lecture 2

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HIST 3581
Franc Sturino

Lecture 4 British Immigration to British North America (1800 to 1900)  Emigration directly from Britain was the second phase of English language into North America  It started in the late 1700s in small numbers but after 1815, there was noticeable numbers emigrating to Canada from the British isles Reasons for Emigration th  Throughout the 19 century, there was a huge population growth in Europe o It was a demographic revolution and the population grew in Europe because of medical advancements and the eradication of diseases and infections that in the past had led to a high rate of infant mortality  One of the most significant advancements that helped babies to survive was the smallpox vaccination  There was the first Industrial Revolution in England that established factories that introduced machinery that would produce goods o It invoked unemployment because home industries were out of work (ex: textiles)  Agriculturalists would rent land from landlords with long-term tenure o Wool drove the industrial revolution that would be processed into textiles for the whole world o It encouraged landlords to get rid of tenant farmers and turn the land into pastures for sheep production  The enclosure system threw people off of the land by raising rent, organization of immigration schemes, and evictions  The Potato Famine of 1845 devastated Ireland o The potato was a benefit to the small farmer but the crop was prone to blights o The potato crop failed and there were devastating consequences such as mass starvation o The famine was a disaster to Ireland o Those who survived with a little bit of money left  Massive wave after 1845  The English were the last group to emigrate in large numbers after 1855 and late 1900s o The number started to rise and there were so many English that they became the largest and outnumbered the Scottish and Irish o It wasn’t small peasant farmers like from Scotland or those leaving the famine like fro
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