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HIST 3760A Modern Japan- Culture and Society in Tokugawa Japan

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HIST 3760
Joshua Fogel

1thMonday October 17 2011HIST 3760ACULTURE AND SOCIETY IN TOKUGAWA JAPANGenroku Period 16881704Culture of this period is often explained as one of merchant class culture which is an important part of the pictureoThe samurai class the farming class artisans and merchantsoMovement between them was exceedingly difficult however not impossibleoEach has developed their own lifestyles and cultureThere is not to be social mobility between these classesThe lifestyles of each class becomes more fixed and becomes lawoPeasants are supposed to live frugal lifestyles not supposed to drink tea not supposed to smoke tobacco not supposed to eat rice although they do just not supposed toThese are known as sumptuary edicts how they dress what they eat they cover all aspects of life there is not a lot of choiceThere was not a great range of clothes to begin with to choose from unless you were wealthyoWhere does the government obtain the right to control what to eat and how to dressNo more yellow clothing allowed because only the emperor can wear the colouroPeasants are not allowed to sit on horsedrawn carriages not allowed to ride on animals reserved for other classesoSamurai are allowed to ride on sedan chairs four men carry the seat on all four sidesMany historians argue that the end of the period was the beginning of a middleclass flourish Other classes looked up to the samurais can try to enact what a samurai is butwill never actually become oneWarrior CultureSamurai at this point were demilitarized but not demobilized always have to be ready to fight when called uponoShifting from being primarily martial in their pursuit to being civiloThe old battle field ethos no longer isoBushido the way of the warrioroThe samurai class still remained the ruling classoForced peaceoThe government passed laws that blocked overseas movement not allowed to go overseas
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