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HIST 3760A Modern Japan- The Collapse of the Tokugawa Regime

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HIST 3760
Joshua Fogel

1thMonday January 9 2012HIST 3760ATHE COLLAPSE OF THE TOKUGAWA REGIMEDomestic and Foreign TroublesIn 1830s in Japan they had a fair share of problems severe bad weather famines resulted from bad governmentbad leaders famines were not a result of the bad weatheroStockpiling were not being looked after for example not repairing roads when they needed to beoPeople were starving and the government was not doing its joboIf government was doing their job correctly they would have relief grains and ship it to those that require itoStarvation usually takes place in bad weather floods and other disastrous eventsUchikowashi important term for exam urban smashings against governmentoIn the countryside they are called peasant uprisings they are directed at wealthier peasants and landlords in the countrysideoPeasant uprisings occurred on a much smaller scaleoBut these lacked revolutionary vision that some leader will come along and transform everything millenarianoThere is no vision of a new order yet that the status quo is just natureoThe existing system with all the ranks and so on are seen as the way the sun rises in the morning that it is just there and unchangeableTowards the end of the Tokugawa period they had no vision of creating a new and totally different socioeconomic system no lethal threat to the government authoritiesOshio Heihachiro was the kind of official that was deeply concerned with traditional values but also wanted to help people He saw urban poverty all over the place and felt like he needed to do something about it He sold all of his books and gave all that money to the poor people But there were still many more poor people He then led a rebellion against the bakufu which he was supposed to be an official of The event itself was a huge shock to the Edo because he was an official of the regime who turned on themoBroke out in Osaka second largest city in JapanoBakufu control was supposed to be very tight thereoIt showed how lame the bakufu was one officer fell off his horse which was seen as a huge embarrassment to the regimeInflation was part of the reason why Japan got poorer and poorerBy 1830s and 1840s these crises of poverty and inflation has reached dramatic outcomesInformed Japanese referred to their status as the warring state periodoThey thought Russia was the most powerful state in the area but they did
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