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HIST 3760A Modern Japan- Political Consolidation Under the Meiji State

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HIST 3760
Joshua Fogel

1rdMonday January 23 2012HIST 3760APOLITICAL CONSOLIDATION UNDER THE MEIJI STATEMeiji Government and Political DevelopmentsAim to become a civil government and that centered on the imperial courtThe highest office in the government was the office of divinities religious affairs department but not a monotheistic society which is why it is divinities not just oneThere were problems with the restorationoWho gets to rule One answer is the emperor The previous emperor had just died in 1867 The new emperor was just 14oNext best solution turn to the court nobles They are theoretically above the samurai But they are almost as unconnected to reality as the emperor himselfoWho else might be brought along The daimyos They have experience with daytoday procedures collecting taxes etcCouncil system was a more cabinet style of government based on the westTurned out that most daimyos were bankrupt so it was good that their debts were relieved Due to the abolition of the d
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