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HIST 3760- Cultural and Intellectual Change

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HIST 3760
Joshua Fogel

1thMonday February 6 2012HIST 3760ACULTURAL AND INTELLECTUAL CHANGEJapan saw the inner source of Western power in the individuals and that in turn was supposed to create national strengthAs of now the Japanese thought that they were suppressing their strength through functioning in traditional ways To fix that they had to copy the ways of the WestThe change from Tokugawa to Meiji occurred very rapidly Tokugawa society was characterized by static complacence happy with what you have Later in the Meiji period the focus shifted to dynamic acquisitiveness to not stop at what they haveWesternization Notions of Independence and the SelfJapans Relationship to the Wider WorldEveryone assumed that Japan was selfsufficient why bother going anywhere elseJapan would not gain anything significant from foreign trade if anything it would be detrimental The idea that foreigners come to Japan to trade is to come take wealth away from Japan The thinking of the latter half of the Tokugawa was to not trade but trade sparingly At home Japanese had no other choice but to be content with what they haveFrom Meiji period onward common sense is the opposite of what it was in the Tokugawa period Everyone assumed that
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