HIST 3760 Lecture : HIST 37600- Japanese Imperialism

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13 Feb 2012

Document Summary

Japanese imperialism: there were two types of imperialism: old and new. Old imperialism: to contrast imperialism with colonialism- colonialism is to take over the land. In the 19th century, there were few huge conflicts among imperial powers conquest as an ideology yet. The domination is achieved with the threat of force or retaliate force. In 1914, there was a period of intense rivalry. This became the era of the new imperialism. Russians, united italy and japan ( the new kid on the block ) Japan realized that they did not have colonies and that others did. They wanted other nations to do the work for them: there was increased strength in these players because of: industrial revolution; and the emergence of powerful centralized states. They came with the idea to build factories in colonized areas because it was cheaper. Japan was lucky because they were never colonized- the british came in but they were not colonized.