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HIST 37600- Japanese Imperialism

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York University
HIST 3760
Joshua Fogel

1thMonday February 13 2012HIST 3760AJAPANESE IMPERIALISMThere were two types of imperialism old and newOld ImperialismTo contrast imperialism with colonialism colonialism is to take over the landIn modern world we categorize colonialism and imperialism into old and newOld type took place from around 1800 to 1815 it was maritime and mercantile in natureoBased on trade between continents slaves seized in Africa brought to new world spices silks handicraft goods that were gainedtraded in Asia brought back to EuropeThe British took Hong Kong as their property from ChinathIn the 19 century there were few huge conflicts among imperial powersThe imperial powers eg France and Britain still did not have a doctrine or conquest as an ideology yet This ism is a doctrineideathought It was only in 1850 that imperialism came into widespread use The domination is achieved with the threat of force or retaliate force In 1914 there was a period of intense rivalry Marked by increased amount of expansion Also marked by decidedly changed character This became the era of the new imperialismNew ImperialismIt differed from old imperialism becauseoImperial powers parceled up the whole globeoNew imperial players and more of themBritain had dominated the scene France was also there but a lesser forceThe newer and stronger powers emerged the Germans the Americans the Russians United Italy and Japan the new kid on the blockJapan realized that they did not have colonies and that others did They wanted other nations to do the work for themThere was increased strength in these players because of Industrial Revolution and the emergence of powerful centralized statesIndustrial Revolution produced unprecedented technology better weaponsthThe 19 century nation states were able to tax their people more effectively and nation states had more power to coerce weaker nationsEuropeans now moved into colonial areas to stay in a much more thorough way They invested money to make more money They came with the idea to build factories in colonized areas because it was cheaper They loaned money in the form of bonds dug mines constructed plantations built docks built roads took place in the opening of rail lines etcSince they invested a great amount of money in these lands they demanded more
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