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York University
HIST 3760
Joshua Fogel

1thMonday March 12 2012HIST 3760AWORLD WAR II AND JAPANPeriod of WWII for East Asia started before the Nazi advance It started in 1931 and lasted until after the war in EuropeThere are many different ways to interpret the war we will specifically talk about one or two perspectivesA lot of documents have been declassified in the last decade to present timesJapanese Empire and the need for expansionIn mid1920s Japan included the 4 main islands Taiwan Okinawa Korea as well as other smaller islandsAlthough Japan did not outright occupy Manchuria yet they claimed area on the Chinese mainlandJapan had 2 years of influence extended into various parts of Manchuria and parts of the mainland of China It was becoming increasingly influential in North China too south of Great Wall of China Over time Japan would claim the lands as its sphere of influence It increasingly claimed more and more They all served as buffers and incorporated them into the nationstate which spun out of controlEven advocates of democracy shared 3 assumptionso1 The absolute need to maintain Japans current colonies Korea etc To withdraw is unthinkable was not going to happeno2 Related to the need for further overseas expansion in order to promote the well being of the people Tanaka argued that they should just send the army in and take over other landso3 Solving the China problem This problem the Nationalist government had been going through the unifying of the country and it had some effects The leader of this government was Chiang KaishekThe rise of nationalism was not a happy event for JapanThe military refused to accept that Chinese militarism was appropriate Their interest was to cut off pieces of Northern China and keep them under Japanese controlThe army carved out an autonomous political block At first they did not come in and set up a Japanese government in Manchuria like they did in Korea They found enough Chinese to collaborate with them and set up public regimes in places that were demilitarized Started in Manchuria and then worked its way down in the 1930sThe WarJapanese had intense hatred for communism Japanese wanted to create secure ideological and political block centered in North China and Manchuria as a bufferThe army launches invasion of Manchuria and then gained cabinet support In March 1932 they established a government a puppet state They had a willing
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