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York University
HIST 3760
Joshua Fogel

1thMonday March 19 2012HIST 3760APOLITICS AND THE WARJapans role in the war made radical changesIn recorded history there was no occasion where Japan was wiped out or surrendered At the time after the war they had no recorded history of any loss They have never been completely defeated andor occupiedoNot just the defeat itself but also the nature of that defeat that was unprecedented in historyoThe country was literally bombed back to the Stone AgeIdea for Japan was to seize areas that contained oils and resources and defend crucial areas against US counter attackoThey were planning to exploit the resources and the land in new areas in ChinaJapanese hoped that by bombing Pearl Habour they could get the US to think of unconditional settlement but the US took it as an insultConservative politicians and court officials were afraid of communist revolution in Japan as the war got worse domestic conditions were getting worse getting teenage boys to staff the war socioeconomic conditions were also getting increasingly worseThe Soviets had a neutrality pact no active war being fought between Soviet Union and JapanModerate and conservative politicians in Japan hoped to negotiate a peace with the USIn 1945 European allies won and issued Potsdam Declaration oJapanese government announced that they were not going to oblige to thedemands for unconditional surrenderthoAugust 5 1945 important date because it was the first atomic bomb dropped in Japan and it was followed by moreoThe emperor later announced that he would accept the Potsdam Declaration many Japanese were listening to this on the radio Only the emperor could make the nation surrender He did so when he believed that his lineage would continue after his surrender that he would still ruleJapanese were lucky to be alive after the surrender as many were ill and emotionally andor psychologically drained It was the first time that they had lost a war and were to be occupied by foreign powerAfter having discovered that it was a big lie and the emperor announced that it was all over one of the actions was recruiting women as comfort to the troopsoSet up comfort stations they were actually small scale brothelsoForced women into it and had to service many men a dayoTroops were afraid that the US would come in and start destroying JapanJapan is partly responsible for the partition The British had wanted to play a little part The Soviets were shut out of this
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