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Raju Das

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This ghazal describes the feelings of a lover, who is
missing his beloved. He questions himself for
remembering her, and believes to be better of without
her thoughts. He mentions losing his mind over her and
recognizes isolation and depression usual as his
comfort space. The lover tends to remember an insane
lover from his childhood, whom he once threw a rock at,
and believes himself to be that insane love.
Main points
1. Majnoon: The lover in the Ghazal relates himself to
a famous insane lover from his childhood, who
roamed on the streets. The significance of this
word provides the reader an impression of the
state of the lover in his own views.
2. Koocha: The word Koocha means ‘’street’’. This
word in the Ghazal describes the lover’s feelings
and peace of mind that he had lost in his beloved,
where she lives now, her street.
3. Dasth: This word in the text implies as desert,
which reflects upon the lover’s current state. As he
is lost in her love, where no happiness grows.
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