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Copyright 2009 © Vera Pavri Shifting Attitudes towards the Environment I. The Modern Ecological Movement - recap pre and post Enlightenment attitudes towards the environment - things to remember: nature as living entity vs. nature as something to be “used” by humans; Western and non-Western attitudes towards nature - public interest in environmental issues begins in 1970’s and 1980’s - rise of the ecological movement not necessarily new phenomena; even in the 19 century there were efforts to preserve certain wilderness areas and control water and air pollution from industrialization - Ancient Egyptians and other urban civilizations: laws on water use, garbage collection, human waste disposal - what is new is scientific study of ecology; prior to the 70’s scientists engaged in fields like biology, chemistry, medicine often focused on individual organism or controlled use of chemicals rather than how human interact with environment or unintended consequences of chemical usage - Rachel Carson (1907-64): publishes book called Silent Spring in 1962 - Carson argues that nature is not composed of individual components; rather it is a complete organism which means that if something happens to one part, it will have an impact on entire system - emphasized problem of environmental pollution; pesticide use - contended that DDT sprayed on crops impacted not only on insects but on crops themselves as well as the soil on ground which absorbed chemicals - this meant that tissue of future plants would contain these pesticides - pesticides would also be absorbed by animals (crops – insects – birds) - example of song bird showed that toxic levels would be so high that these birds died or
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