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Discrimination Lecture #4 Notes.docx

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York University
Health Studies
HLST 1011
Nicole Tenn Lynn

Feb 1 2013 Discrimination in Treatment of Heart Attacks -Heart Attacks in women are more frequently unrecognized (37% women 35% men) -People who differ from the standard for being normal -Who are the important people who determine what is normal? What is normal? In western societies: -Middle-aged -White -Male -Middle or upper class This is what the healthcare profession thinks is considered normal. Types: In the Emergency Department: -Social discrimination (interpersonal interactions) -Clinical discrimination (type and quality of treatment received) -Preventive services -Educational services Who suffers from Discrimination? -Women -Elderly (Blackwell article) -People with psychiatric problems -People brought in by police -People with substance abuse problems -People with stigmatized medical problems, e.g. HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases. -Obese Patients -Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals. -Native Canadians, blacks Feb 1 2013 Causes of Discrimination -Moral failure = not deserving (e.g. people with HIV/AIDS, obesity, substance abuse) -Discrimination based on skin colour -Stereotyping (e.g., Italians are always complaining, women are hysterical) -Disruptive behavior (intoxicated patients) -Rationing of care -Inability to communicate -Dislike of people who are dirty, who have bugs -Di
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