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DISCUSSION PAPER NO8Complicated and Complex SystemsWhat Would Successful Reformof Medicare Look LikebySholom GloubermanPhDBaycrest Centre for Geriatric CareBrenda ZimmermanPhDYork UniversityJuly 2002Catalogue NoCP327982002EIN ISBN 0662327780Although the views expressed in the paper are those of the authors each of the papers was subjected to an independent peerreview process The Commission would like to thank the Institute of Health Services and Policy Research IHSPR of the Canadian Institute of Health Research for their oversight and administration of the peerreview process for these papers The work of the authors the reviewers and IHSPR will serve to make these papers an important contribution to the Commissions work and its legacy ContentsHighlights ivExecutive Summary viIntroduction 1How the Canadian Health Care System Came to Its Present State 4Intractable Choices 7Characteristics of Complicated and Complex Systems 9Case Study 1 France to the Top of the WHO Ranking 13Case Study 2 HIVAIDS in the Developing World The Brazil Story 16HIVAIDS in Developing Countries the Underlying Assumptions of a Complicated View 16Brazils Approach to HIVAIDS as a Complex Problem 17Changing the Nature of the Questions in Brazil 20How Ideas about Complexity Can Be applied toCanadas Health Care Reform 21Examples of Questions for Canadians Reflecting on Health Care Reform 21How Do We Build on Current Structures and Relationships toStabilize and Enhance Medicare 22How Do We Make Everyone More Confident That theSystem Will Be There Should They Need It 23How Do We Recognize and Support Efforts to Improve Care 24How Can We Restore Medicare to Reinforce Canadian Identity 25Bibliography 27 iii
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