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Lecture 5

HLST 3250 Lecture 5: 06

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Health Studies
HLST 3250
Ellen Schraa

Chapter 06 Working Capital and the Financing Decision 1. The faster a firms growth in sales, the more likely it is that an increasing percentage of financing will be internally generated. True False 2. Supply chain management has little impact on financial performance and is primarily a marketing and management concept. True False 3. Many companies such as McDonalds have embraced supply chain management using webbased procedures. True False 4. Working capital management is relatively unimportant for the small business. True False 5. The financial manager generally needs to devote little time to management of working capital. True False 6. Liquidating current assets are really fixed assets since they have lives greater than one year. True False 7. The key to current asset planning is the ability of management to forecast sales accurately and then match production schedules with the sales forecast. True False 8. One of the big benefits of implementing supply chain management, is a reduction in inventory on hand. True False 9. Permanent current assets are not similar to fixed assets because they are fully liquidated within the year. True False 1
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