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Lecture 3

HLST 3250 Lecture 3: 08

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Health Studies
HLST 3250
Ellen Schraa

Chapter 08 Sources of ShortTerm Financing 1. The largest source of shortterm funds for most companies is suppliers (trade credit). True False 2. Larger firms tend to be net users of trade credit. True False 3. Small companies finance a relatively greater proportion of their assets through trade credit than do larger concerns. True False 4. A trade discount is a percentage reduction from the invoice price given for purchasing certain minimum quantities. True False 5. The cost of not taking a 210, net 30 cash discount is usually less than the prime rate. True False 6. Accounts payable is a spontaneous source of funds which grows as the business expands. True False 7. The cost of NOT taking a discount is higher for terms of 210, net 60 than for 210, net 30. True False 8. Stretching the payment period refers to the practice of trying to take a trade discount after the discount period. True False 9. On 210, net 30 trade terms, if the discount is not taken, the buyer is said to receive 20 days of free credit. True False 1
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