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Lecture 3

HLST 3510 Lecture 3: Lecture 3

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York University
Health Studies
HLST 3510
Dennis Rafael

Lecture 3 2 major ideas discussed 1) The issue of poverty vs inequality - If you see the problem as only as poverty, you concern yourself with the individuals o This is demonizing people - implying that its their own fault they are in poverty - The focus on poor people plays out in the forms of programs o Child benefits programs o Training programs - Given the prejudice in this society: o The takeaway from these programs (defacto) o Defacto segregation o Defacto people o Moral underclass discourse (MUD) o Social integrationist discourse (SID) - Focuses on individuals and what we can do to help them - Distribution of income, wealth, legislation and other things - Social infrastructure o Power and influence o Who calls the shots? - Poverty is easier to sell and get into - When you’re dealing with issues with inequality, you’re dealing with issues of value 2) Social justice vs economic justice - Economic justice is that everyone is free to spend (?) - People who are poor are poor because they deserve it (mentioned before) - We are brought up to think that if we work hard we will get what we deserve - Economic justice is concerned with the market place o Just like economics - Social justice o Human rights issues o Equity o By being human beings, we are entitled to having decent lives - The faith community o Rabbis and Emans o No shortage of concern about poverty in Canada - The way we operate and discuss poverty o Consistent with a “poverty thing” - If you’re earning less than 17,000 a year, then you are set to live in poverty - We have a high percentage of low pay workers - We have a “musical society” society o We don’t give much thought to the people who don’t have a seat What is the system? - People don’t go around thinking about the system - People think about their problems
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