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Lecture 5

HLST 3510 Lecture 5: Lecture 5

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Health Studies
HLST 3510
Dennis Rafael

Lecture 5 Millions of ways people can become poor Anything that can happen will bring you down to the poverty level Disabilities, bad parents, doing bad in school, shit jobs, getting sick, divorce, having accidental kids 40 of people will leave poverty but every year, the numbers stay the same What does the government do to provide people with resources to ensure that social inequality is reduced? What are the politics of economics? Why do people think the way they do? Why would part time work be more valuable than full time work? In poverty: Theres a lot out there to reinforce the view that it is possible to escape poverty We are in the best of all possible worlds What are the consequences for Canada if the government doesnt address the inequality? People will kill each other Social structure There are levels in the ideological system which are real, they shape and oversee distribution Psychologism ignores this reduces it to a set of milieux Transmission of income from one generation to the next If your parents are rich, then you will probably be rich Same with poor No correlation, just variation Over time, there has been a big relationship between kids and their parents Your parents are a big predictor of whether or not youll make it to university Its hard to raise kids when you are poor Distinguish between: Rate: what percentage of group is poor Prevalence: contribution to amount (proportion of cases in a population) Rate vs size = of people
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