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Health Studies
HLST 4320
Rajabali Ghandhari

Class Assignment Session # 3 Class Assignment #3 Question 1 Hospitals. It makes it easier for hospitals to organize paperwork for patient when everything is stored electronically. Also, patient information is more secure and only authorized personnel will have access to it. Government, they're responsible because they regulate and implement policies. Also, they provide financial aid to establish e-health in hospitals Physicians, they’re the ones responsible for understanding and implementing e-health and inputting data and retrieving information. For challenges,  Proper education of e-health  Financial backing  Access to technology  Language barriers  Security Question 2 Stakeholders / Government Consumers Physicians Payers Employees Hospitals Communities Categories Professional x x x x responsibility Privacy + x x x Confidentiality Judicial x x x x x Policies Question 3 a. Use the following for classifying stakeholders in e-health. Our group have chosen the following to classify stakeholders of e-health: 1. 911 2. Government 3. Community clinic 4. Payers 5. Consumer / Customers 6. Employee 7. Employer 8. Financing / Fundraising 9. Physicians b. Exclude those which are not among the e-health stakeholders. Our group has excluded the following that are not among e-health stakeholders 1. Industry trade groups public at large (global community) 2. Labour union suppliers 3. Media representatives 4. National communities 5. NGOs working in the health and social service sectors 6. Non-profit organizations 7. Professional associations 8. Provider associations 9. Provider institutions 10. Research 11. Research groups and universities working in the area 12. Shareholders 13. Unions 14. Welfare, finance and tribal welfare c. Define major categories The major categories are: 1. 911 – provides emergency medical services 2. Government – provides financial backing 3. Community clinic – provides care and medicine to patients 4. Payers – provides financial support to e-health 5. Consumer / Customers – purchase medical services related to e-health, receive information on diagnosis and providers 6. Employee – provides services and supplies 7. Employer – provides jobs and finance 8. Financing / Fundraising – pays for e-health implementation 9. Physicians – a core user of e-health and its applications d. + e. Include each stakeholder in a major category and add any stakeholder which is not in the following list. Stakeholders / Categories 911 Government Community Payers Consumer / Employee Employer Financing / Physicians Clinic Customers Fundraising Health Care organizations x x x x x Insurance industry x x x x x x x Investors Shareholders x x x x Local communities x x x Medical association and x x x medical groups Medical devices industries x x x x x Medical professionals x x x x x Organizations that support x x x x quality improvement activities Parliament / House of x x
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