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Health Studies
HLST 4320
Rajabali Ghandhari

(ParthABhatt) 1) What is the most important information written down in the registration portion of the EHR? a) Diagnosis b) Treatment c) Unique patient identifier d) Medical history Answer: C (William Chen) 2) Which of the following is not a part of the administration component system? a) PACS b) Complaints c) Demographics d) Name Answer:A (Dhruvina Desai) 3) Which component of the EHR includes items such as orders, schedules and results from labs? a) Laboratory b) Radiology c) Pharmacy d) Administrative Answer:A (Elise Zakaib) 4) What is an important component of radiology component systems? a) Unique patient identifier b) CPOE c) PACS d) RADT Answer: B (ParthABhatt) 5) Which of the following is not a key feature of a secure system and network? a) Data transmission b) Data mining c) Data integrity d) Data storage Answer: B (William Chen) 6) Which of the following is a key feature of data transmission? a) Data backup b) Firewall c) Deletion of d
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