HREQ 2010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Amartya Sen, North South Mrt Line, European Colonialism

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2nd part: Essay Question, 3 options
draw from content of the course: readings, lectures, tutorial discussions.
Why is amartya sen interested in analyzing john ross’s contribution to the
John ross spent a lot of time studying justice and fairness. This matters for the
course because when we talk about human rights we talk about the idea of a just
society. Not justice in general but justice as fairness. John Ross was a western liberal
theorist. Fairness is crucial in a course for human rights.
Inter-sectionality of identity: ethnicity- we share it with others who belong to the
same ethnic group
Challenges diaspora’s group of people that flee their homeland face:
Not having full rights: refugees
Have experienced some sort of exclusion of political conflict which is why
they fled
Its hard to engage in politics because of the fear and memory of what
happened to them.
Because they tend to remain attached to their past or the place they come
from, that means some of the energy as a citizen might be put into remaining
participants of their country of origin. This might perpetuate exclusion of
diasporic groups.
Key Concepts
We don’t live in just societies generally speaking. The history of human kind is full of
moments in which some people oppressed others on basis of color, gender etc.. In
order to understand what is necessary to put an end to injustices some of us believe
that using the discourse of human rights is effective. We are all equals, have equal
rights but we should have protection from a political entity which is the state. The
history of the state is also linked to the history of Europe. It is often the state that
violates the rights of people.
Challenges are to make sure we build more democratic and just societies. In
the case of Canada, those challenges become very concrete.
Amartya Sen’s analaysis of John Ross’s ideas-
looks at a definintion of justice that brings into the discussion equity and
fairness. Fairness in terms of how you have to treat others and taking into
account the history and marginalization of a group
Amartya Sen put emphasis on not only how to treat others but peoples
capabilities. Even if we think we are all equal and will treat others equally we
need to understand that peoples capabilities are different from one another.
This does not mean that some people have better capabilities than others.
Equity is all about making sure that peoples capabilities are all equal-in the
same position?
HE introduces morality into the discussion of justice by talking about not
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