HREQ 3010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Corporatism

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Concepts/Short Answers
Section A: Please choose 4 concepts from the following list. Each response is worth 10 marks for
a total of 40. Your response should not exceed 1 single-spaced page. Your response must
include: a) a clear definition of the concept, b) its significance for the idea of human rights and
global economy.
1. Causes of the Industrial Revolution
2. Modernization Theory
3. Neo-statist theories
4. Freedom of Association
5. Civil Rights versus Human Rights
6. Colonization and de-colonization
7. Non-western concepts of Human Rights
8. Hegemony
9. Collective Bargaining
10. Foucault and Surveillance
Essay Questions
Section B: Please choose one question to respond to from the following list. Your response is
worth 40 marks and should not exceed 3 single-spaced pages.
1. Discuss the difference between political rights and economic-social rights.
What is the significance of this difference? Further, why do governments and
international organizations tend to focus on the political forms human rights?
2. Discuss the history of the International Labor Organization and its position
within the workers’ movement. Also, how is this body organized? Do you agree
with its corporatist approach? Lastly, do you feel that it is an effective
organization for the protection of workers’ rights globally?
3. Discuss the relationship between women and human rights. What are the
commonalities between women’s struggle in all parts of the world? Further,
what do you feel is an appropriate way to deal with this issue?
4. Discuss the significance of an economy based on consumption. Does this lead
to specific problems? Also, how does this focus affect the cultural and social life
of a society?
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