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Human Resources Management
HRM 3430

Chapter 9 – Succession Management Importance of Succession - the process of ensuring that pools of skilled employees are trained and available to meet the strategic objectives of the organization Evolution of Succession Management - Replacement planning - the process of finding replacement employees for key managerial positions Replacement planning has evolved into succession management by: • Broadening the focus • Expanding the time horizon – looking at a longer term • Creating a talent pool of replacements • Improving the evaluation system Reasons for Succession Management 1. Provide opportunities for high-potential workers. 2. Identify replacement needs 3. Increase the talent pool of promotable employees 4. Contribute to implementing the organization’s strategic business plans 5. Help individuals realize their career plans 6. Tap the potential for intellectual capital 7. Encourage the advancement of diverse groups 8. Improve employees’ ability to respond to changing environmental demands 9. Improve employee morale 10. Cope with the effects of voluntary separation programs 11. Decide which workers can be terminated 12. Cope with the effects of downsizing 13. Reduce headcount to essential workers only The process involves 5 steps: 1. Align Succession Management Plans with Strategy - Everything we do must be aligned with the strategy - Informs everything we do - Make sure that whatever the plan of the company is doing is aligned such as KSAO’s 2. Identify the Skills and Competencies Needed to Meet Strategic Objectives - Job analysis – figure out what we need for the job and who has it - Employees must have the KSAO’s 3. Identify High-Potential Employees - Make sure that there is developmental opportunities who work for the company 4. Provide Developmental Opportunities and Experiences 5. Monitor Succession Management Step 1: Align Succession Management Plans with Strategy • Organizations must start with the business plan • Using environmental scanning, managers try to predict where the organization will be in three to five to ten years Step 2: Identify the Skills and Competencies Needed 1. Job-Based Approach - focus on duties, skills, job experience, and responsibilities required to perform the job - Not adequate since jobs change rapidly - KSAO’s – more specific 2. Competency-Based Approach - focus on measurable attributes that differentiate successful employees from those who are not - Hard and soft skills - Produces more flexible individuals - Competency modeling – much more general; it does not look at the specific of jobs but looks at much more broader – another form of job analysis Types of Competencies 1. Core competencies – goes across the organization 2. Role or specific competencies 3. Unique or distinctive competencies Step 3: Identify High-Potential Employees Organizations use several approaches to identify managerial talent, including the following: • Temporary replacements • Replacement charts • Strategic replacement • Talent management culture Step 4: Provide Developmental Opportunities and Experiences • Peter Drucker states that: “Most managers are made, not born. There has to be systematic work on the supply, the development, and the skills of tomorrow’s management. It cannot be left to chance.” Management Development Methods • Promotions • Job Rotations • Special Assignments • Formal Training and Development • Mentoring and Coaching – most useful – more research and effort Promotion - an employee’s upward advancement in the hierarchy of an organization Job Rotation - a process whereby an employee’s upward advancement in the hierarchy of an organization is achieved by lateral as well as vertical moves Mentors - executives who coach, advise, and encourage junior em
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