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Human Resources Management
HRM 3440
Soosan Latham

HRM 3440 (8) th October, 25 2012 Listening Out-group Members Out-group happens due to individuals who behave a certain way Systemic Out-group – (i.e. disabled, women, minorities – immigrant, and status) Feeling of alienation and out-group can happen in organizational settings (i.e. starting a new job & entering a group that contains its own norms) We create out-group unintentionally through our interactions - They may be in opposition or simply disinterested - They may feel powerless, unaccepted, alienated, or even discriminated against - The more complexity and diversity of the workforce the more challenging it is for inclusiveness - Perception is reality – not intentional - As a leader, you must include every member in the group – job to make sure that you pay attention to everybody, and engage with everyone What is Out-Group? - Come in many forms: - Minorities who think their voice won’t be heard - People who feel their ideas are unappreciated - People who do not identify with the group - “Social Loafers” – group members who are inclined to goof off or work below their capacity Expectancy Theory – first step in motivation process is to let workers know they are competent in their work. Motivation builds when people know they are able to do the job - Common for out-group members to feel like others do not recognize their strengths - Leaders should identify out-group member’s (TO BE CONTINUED) - People disagree with the social, political, or ethical position of majority – in opposition - Some individuals cannot identify with beliefs, norms, or values & as a result do not embrace the dominant group’s reality (Social I
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