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York University
Human Resources Management
HRM 3440
Soosan Latham

HRM 3440 th September 13 2012 Group 4 – topic 9 – case study demonstrating different kinds of conflict as well as negotiation and th communication strategies for effective conflict resolution (November 15 2012) Role of Technology - Connectivity has transformed lives is unanticipated ways - Technology driven - Loss of jobs and jobs have been gained through innovative technology - Technology is blended with ones lives - Changed the way we function as human beings in the workplace and at home Middle-east - Youth generations does not want to follow the leaders Shock of Gray - Leaders may be younger; conflict with people who do not want leave their jobs - Age gap (reporting to someone older than you or managing someone way older than you) - 5 generations in the workplace - Tension between young and old is growing - Gap for talent: baby boomers will leave and the younger generation will lack of talent in jobs Changing Nature of Work Leadership Context – environment is becoming more complex and challenging Evolving Model of Leadership – based on the olden days (domination) - Fallacy of leaders being born and not created - Exercise of power (in the hands of the leader)
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