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Human Resources Management
HRM 3440
Soosan Latham

HRM 3440 (3) th September 20 2012 Recognizing your Traits What They have in Common - Visionary - Strong-willed - Diligent - Inspirational - Purpose-driven - Role models - Symbols of hope Midterm: case studies and evaluate what each one does X-theory - Workers do not want to work: motivated by incentives - Given the chance: if their environment is inductive they will be motivated to do something - Hierarchy – structure of command and control - People want security, not responsibility - i.e. military Y-theory - Workers want to work and like to work: desire to succeed/achieve - People will show responsibility & self-control toward goals to which they are committed - People accept & seek responsibility - i.e. Apple & Google – learning organizations Personality - A relatively stable set of characteristics, tendencies, and temperaments that have been significantly formed by inheritance and by soci
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