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York University
Human Resources Management
HRM 3440
Soosan Latham

HRM 3440 – Leadership (4) th September 27 2012 Leadership profile – determination, charismatic, courageous/fearless, morality and ethics, etc - What is it about leadership trait of others that you find most remarkable? courage, and determination - What are your strongest/weakest leadership traits? How do you know?  charismatic and determination // weakest trait - - Have your traits changed over the years?  yes I grew from being shy to someone who is comfortable public speaking and have gain the experience of coming out of my bubble - Which traits do you consider most important in further developing you as a leader?  courage and having a solid goal - How do you intend to work around traits that you cannot easily change?  I intend to learn more about myself to develop leadership traits that I think will benefit me in the future - Chapter 2 – traits questionnaire - Make sure everybody’s voice is heard – democratic leadership and take majority of the consensus - Your job to make everybody happy and if it doesn’t happen then you would have to make the decisions - Contribution you make to the group, size of the group, time management, relationship (cohesiveness) - Need for control – lack in trust, inclusion and affection - What are some of the tasks you must attend to as a leader? - Does that affect your ability to handle relationships? - Do you spend more time on tasks or dealing with relationship issues when you lead? Why? Recognizing Your Philosophy & Style of Leadership Attending to Tasks and Relationships Group Discussion - What is our philosophy of leadership - What are your beliefs about human behaviour? - What sort of leader do you consider yourself to be: - Authoritarian - Democratic – listen to everyone - Laissez-faire Authoritarian Style - Authoritarian leaders perceive - TBC Outcomes of Authoritarian Style Positive Outcomes: - Efficient & productive - More can be accomplished in a short period of time Negative Outcomes: - Fosters dependence, submissiveness & decreases individuality - Can create hostility & discontent Democratic Style - Subordinates are capable o
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