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Lecture 3

Women in Canada Lecture 3.docx

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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1700
Elizabeth Brule

Women in Canada- Lecture #3 9/20/2012 9:49:00 AM Social Movements Intersectionality 1960’s – maintain white black divide Time period – Civil Rights movement, where people were fighting for equal rights (Womens rights, gay rights, first nations rights). Large social movement during the 1960s; people called into question American Militarism and Invasion of Vietnam. Labor Movement – People fighting for the right to strike -Emergence of Identity Politics – in context with the women’s movement (Gender was negated for the struggles for Equality) 1930s-1940s – Studies, Questioned why in different tribal societies (pre- colonial) that Women were Dominant where they are deemed as submissive.  Animals- Female animals are also dominant (Lioness, Queen bee, Black Widow, Praying mantis, Penguins, Mosquitos, etc.) -> Nature provides many anomalies. Notions of Feminity(Naturally this way) didn’t apply to every female. Gender was something that was learned -Early feminists challenged 1970s and 1980s Theory of Sex roles, questioned learned gendered behavior. -Gender Norms had an impact on how men and women behaved in society through social expectations (men were allowed to be aggressive and unacceptable for women) -> Institutio
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