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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1700
Elizabeth Brule

9162013 64800 PMLecture Two Women In CanadaThe social organization of knowledgeEmbodied knowledgemultiple subjectivitiesStems from living in your own body in a specific place and under specific conditions students may fail to recognize the historical conditioning and the material and the institutional enforcement of their own knowing of the social worldDominant ideology The social norms in which society tells us what is right or expected of usThese dominant ideologies help us understand and interpret our realityIts your own embodied knowledge and competence that allows you to problematise social norms and thus draw your own conclusions Knowledge depends on your geographic location and other socio and economic factors as well as race class ability etc This affects your perspective on the worldWe are told by the dominant ideology of liberalism that we are equal And yet these things impact us and our perspectives on a daily basis We are told that if we work hard we are able to overcome these factors we become successful but that cant always be necessarily true for everybo
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