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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1700
Elizabeth Brule

rd Thursday October 3 , 2013 – Women’s Studies Lecture Brulee - Race became a defining feature of Christianity, dating back to colonization - White male European features become the features with which one measures and differentiates one from another o This becomes entrenched and associated, not only with religion but also with ethical values as well as aesthetic values - By the time we get to the 19 century, while colonization is taking part In the world, we have not only this idea of race being entrenched in religious values and aesthetics, but we have this emergence of the scientific revolution and the industrialization. o The beginning of biology as a means to reach a truth, a rise in biological basis for the racial differences - A biological hierarchy emerges as a discourse to differentiate the races - People look at Darwin and science and say well there mist be a biological basis for the differences between us o Looking toward science as a ‘religion’ to show the truth and answer this o Looking at cadavers and using crainology to measure people’s brain sizes - African woman was very different to that of the European woman in terms of her body (wider hips and bigger buttocks) o Mainly because Europeans had to wear corsets to make themselves smaller and black women didn’t, you have to look at social context, scientists didn’t look at it and just based it on race - Race and racialization and racism is something that has come to be common - We differentiate through the races through racial power o Racial power is about exclusion and domination and exploitation based on ones race. - Racialize discourse emerges during the 1800’s, during the time of slavery, these discourses emerge during these time and we are told that certain populations are less rational, intelligent and capable than us. What we do is we justify the discourse and the enslavement of the people because “they have not evolved” - These discourses find themselves expressed in policies, rules and congress found in our politics o Example, The Indian Act, a movement that focuses on what Aboriginals are entitled to, what their every move is etc - Aspect of racial power is the idea of capitalism -- Cornel West, argued that the white supremacist idea that emerges in north America, comes from this judo-christian value system and the scientific model, as well as the psycho-sexual. o In the psychosexual we have this collation of belief that the black other is inferior but also alien, that they are so different that they’re almost another species. o Cornel West says “the normative gaze”, is to look upon the other as alien and inferior, not just different. With this we get symbols and metaphors about other people being viewed as dirty, ignorant and sexually promiscuous. o The psychosexual notion of sexual perversity being placed on the other. Black women were topless, to the European male this was VERY sexual, and so we have this coalescing of not only values of religion and aesthetics, but now of sex. - We have theories emerging in the 19 century of interracial sex and marriage – strictly prohibited. o Laws became what we call anti miscegenation emerging to ensure that the races remain separated. - Racial subjectivity – identity and subjectivity. - Race becomes like a double voice where it serves racial oppression on one hand, and racial liberation on the other.
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