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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Myth of a White Anglo/Franco Settler Society

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York University
Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1700
Hernan Humana

Lecture- Nov 7, 2013 The Movie Notes- Film in the shadows of Golden Mountain - $500 for every Chinese to come to Canada- Head Tax - Chinese helped complete the railroad - Chinese labour than no labour - No longer going to be a white country - Nothing stopped the Chinese to come to Canada not even the $500 - Railroad- lifeline of Canada - Prison cell for Chinese immigrants - Discrimination is always going to stay alive - 1923- 23$ million dollar government collected- 81, 000 Chinese - 1923- The Immigration Act, no Chinese allowed no matter how much they paid - About 2/3 of Chinese in Canada were bachelors - If you didn’t come back to Canada in two years, they take your right away to live in Canada - Chinese invaded by Japan - Only the Chinese had the Head Tax - KAREN CHOA- DIRECTOR OF THE MOVIE- NEED TO KNOW FOR THE EXAM LECTURE NOTES - She provides a materialist analysis of women’s exclusion and men’s exclusion in the building on national Canadian identity - “White settler society” has dominant voice, making up rules and regulations - Anti-racist feminist- how rules and regulations have influenced peoples live - History of white settler colonial society - Anti-racist feminist debate about class, role of the political economy on people’s lives and especially racialized people lives - Locate race and gender in this history - Basically about representations and racialized gender representations - Dominant stereotypes and ideology of one’s race and gender - Ideal norm- a white norm, a white
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