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Lecture 13

Childhood and Society Lecture 13

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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1800
Naomi Couto

HREQ1800 Lecture 13 1252012 55400 PM Adolescent Dilemma Adolescences is a time of trial and uncertainty 1 Experience anxiety humiliation and mood swings 2 Maturing at an earlier age 3 May experience ego identity and role diffusionAccording to Erik Erikson Ego Identity is formed when persons develop a firm sense of who they are and what they stand for Role Diffusion occurs when youths spread themselves too thin experience personal uncertainty and place themselves at the mercy of leaders who promise to give them a sense of identity they cannot develop for themselvesSide note Aschs study of conformity lines of different lengthessay topic creating heroes out of celebrities Children create their identities through these heroes ie High School Musical ended leaving children with a loss of identity Essay focus on one law or regulation and build from thereBeliefs and Social Change Childrenyouth are believed to y Have a stronger preference for risk and novelty y Be less accurate in assessing the potential consequences of risky conduct y More impulsive and more concerned with shortterm consequences y Have a different appreciation of time and selfcontrol y More susceptible to peer pressureDo your research Erik Eriksons work 8 Developmental Stages This might start you thinking about the cultural impact of media consumerism etc on children and the future types of adults they are becoming
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