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HREQ1900 notes for lect 1

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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1900
Nadiah Habib

Notes for Lecture # 1 1. The dominant ideology: A set of interrelated beliefs that tell us how the world works and how it ought to work, hence it is descriptive and prescriptive, it describes and prescribes. These taken for granted notions come to appear natural to us, but there is nothing natural about them. The dominant ideology reinscribes and reinforces the status quo and resists change. 2. Objectivity: there is nothing objective about objectivity, both the notion of objectivity and the notion of the dominant ideology go hand in hand.something appears objective, it is because it is not overtly advancing its perspective. When it overtly names its perspective, it gives us the opportunity to think with it or against it. 3. Difficult knowledge: difficult knowledge is knowledge that often challenges the dominant ideology that is either difficult for us to accept, so we reject it and its source [because it deeply challenges some of our long held beliefs] or we embrace it wholeheartedly without subjecting that knowledge to a critical evaluation. When you are in the grips of diff
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