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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1900
Nadiah Habib

Lecture # 11 Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture Stereotypes as Richard Dyer tells us are highly charged with feelings that are attached to them. He argues that stereotypes accomplish a number of tasks, and although when we advance that someone is stereotyping we often mean that someone advancing a negative representation, stereotypes are not only to be understood as performing negative functions. Dyer says that stereotyping perform at least four functions 1. an ordering process 2. a short cut 3. referring to the world 4. expressing our values and our beliefs Jouissance is a French term coined by psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan which translated means "enjoyment" and is contrasted with plaisir. In every sense of the word it is whatever "gets you off". Something that gives the subject a way out of its normative subjectivity through transcendent bliss whether that bliss or orgasmic rapture be found in texts, films, works of art or sexual spheres; excess as opposed to utility. Jouissance implies
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