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Lecture 3

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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1920
Elizabeth Brule

Day 3 10/2/2012 5:20:00 AM Psychological Sex Differences through Sexual Selection Evolutionary Paradigm – evolutionary social model Naturalizes / Normalizes = makes things (gender, race, sex) seems natural and inevitable (sociobiology and biological determinism )  social Darwinism - survival of the fittest  this goes into informing “Evolutionary Paradigm” “He is just not that into you”  do not make up relationships in your mind expectations of what you are supposed to do/behave like socially constructed versus natural occurring (genetic/biologically inherited) player vs. slut  we treat „player‟ with so much more reward … that they are inherited and hardwired And we naturalize and normalize the fact that things are hardwired Why do we not question ourselves and stop to think about the assumptions we took for granted. Everything is hybrid  its not a diseased state … Naturalize : we use biological stuff Natural and Inevitable: natural and unavoidable Normalize: Sociobiologists say we have instincts and don‟t have instincts … theres nothing natural … there is no thing as human nature so we oppose sociobiologists.  BIOLOGY DETERMINES WHO WE ARE the lack of resources being imposed on people  artificial : “Occupy Movement”  about economic distribution Social Darwinism  people live the way they do … cuz they aren‟t fit enough…haven‟t tried enough. We just naturally assume that females are choosy, faithful, monogamous  SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED “SLUTWALK”  “evolution does not happen through females” Fertilization is only the reason for females to be together with a man!  only want sex in order invest in that one egg Archaeological evidence is on bones … so we make up a lot of assumptions POWER  the position of people making these assumption “Sexual selection …into pop culture…” don‟t chase … so he takes time to invest in you … LOVE SMART  “COY FEMALES” All our assumptions we have based on comes from studies of fruit flies … 64 experiments (1948 Bateman‟s fruit flies) Sexual Dimorphism  (dichotomy, binaries)  male and female are two different ends of the spectrum that theres nothing common in our society. But theres a lot of commonality Essentialism  embraced by pop culture … but the idea that men and woman are hardwired Gender = PERFORMANCE power  RACE CULTURE GENDER AND SEXUALITY Trying to label and categorize people – for superiority … and then use NATURE as excuse Playboy article: naturalizes and normalizes that it is scientific that men needs to cheat on women! Class/Lecture discussion 10/2/2012 5:20:00 AM Freud‟s analysis “Anatomy is destiny…” - freud believed that our biological body provided basis for some f our development (physical sexually)  he didn‟t say our biology determined our gender identity… it was our environment  he is considered the father of physco analysis… gender identity and all our assumptions develops in our mind! If it is family – its social! But he does have biological principles! Freud – born in 1880s … develops ideas in 1900 he is born in the Victorian Era…time period where people are really repressed sexually People maintained a level of social morality …was that everything was so repressed that they would “bubble up” Anaya Inn – erotic writer! And she would sell page by page How do people develop into sexual beings …just having genitilia didn‟t explain why individuals had sexual desires (homosexuals, heterosexuals, intersexuals … and many more that didn‟t fit into categories) Freud wanted to see how gender developed in relationship to personality first question : how do people develop into “Gendered organism”? and what was the unconsciousness? Freud – about unconsciousness that we are not completely aware of what we want … so people had a split conciousness 1) conscious self – that was aware 2) unconscious self – unaware the only was to reach the unawareness  ASSOCIATIVE METHOD! = beginning of psychoanalysis Freud believed that it was within our sub conscious that our ideas and motives resided and our conscious self had very little access to our subconscious self … so associative method would help us figure out … Freudian slip … something that comes out when you know you had to repress it … slip of the tongue Mind is like an iceberg someone: Argued that the mind was rational …”I think, therefore I am “ --- rene decarr  because you are able to think, you are human, you are above animals and you are rational. freud: We are deeply motivated by unconsciousness … they are not rational and they are not universal! he develops the idea of un
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