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York University
Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1920
Elizabeth Brule

Lecture 2: Male Female Relationships ! Jan 22, 2013 The idea of performance Judith butler – a queer theorist – recognizes the importance of parody, importance of performitivity. There are ways of producing identities – “bodily identities”  Ex: Madonna embraced this identity, notion of the mermaid … not heterosexuality the idea of compliance and resistance!  Performitivity in relation to gender – suggest that we can reform, submerge and play with gender identities. Gender norms aren’t always engraved in us! these performances has a way of denaturalizing! – the symbolic power and normalize and challenge the social reality! it gives us the ability to communicate the message that can be interpreted by many ways  Ursula – shows resistance to gender norms! in her performance – also brings up the idea of called in French ; “Jouissance”  different from the word “pleasre” … transcendent bliss” – orgasmic! Psycho-analyst coined this term – Jacque la …  Mermaid’s body transformed! And loses her voice! And yet when Ursula is dead … ariel gets back her voice! Ursula allows us to see that femininity is just a performance … it can be transformed …it is not concrete.  Susan Jeffers curse of masculinity looks and critiiques the film that comes out in the 80s … we see her and Ronaldo willcok … crtiques the representation of heterosexual white male… tough GUISE BY JACKSON KATZ  Cool Pose! - Its not natural for men to wear pants yet society embraces It … it is an alternative path to achieve particular goals within a society that has denied black men! Sports and stereotypes that we have embedded black men … we have come to epitomize certain black masculinity! …
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