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Human Rights and Equity Studies
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HREQ 1920
Elizabeth Brule

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Jan 29- 2013 Schools play a central pivotal role! In reproducing social relationships! Social relationships based on power! On hegemonic ideas! -> what is appropriate for boys and girls, expression of sexuality and also about race and racialization. --> gender and recialized experiences we encounter are built into our school! It is a social relationship of power meritocracy – a system that goes towards individuals that achieve those grades! grades are subjective! But really use scientify it by using rubrics! System values authority! System presents knowledge as being valueable and valued in our society  so being credited!  reproduced – repeated – credible thus given opinion on – ACCOUNTABILITY PROCESS! - very rarely do we question the credibility of that work! - because the system presents itself as unbiased! Working and having to work prohibits the amount of time devoted to work! When you add factors such as ones race, gender, sexual orientation … we see the hidden curriculum rather than the ones with textbooks! the hidden curriculum involves … the cultural capital! That one has or does not have at their disposals What is the dominant culture of highschool?! It is predominantly heterosexual. We learn from a colonial prespective … so white settler society! Compulsory schooling said … all children under the age of 12 must attend school! philanthropists! At the turn of the 19 century! – there was a lot of street kids / homeless! had a real divide between the rich and poor Compulsive schooling was Christian based! … so children must be protected from the harm of the world! So to insure the proper upbringing by giving the education! Proper housing provided for school! – it was LAW! Our system was based on children policing! It was Christian era! – so homosexuality = blasphemy Teachers low expectations of particular students! 3) Eurocentric curriculum – exclusion of other basic values, beliefs. Discussion around Afro Centric schools and Euro Centric schools! 4) the hidden curriculum – whats not spoken … what is called a sin of omission process of stereotyping – being able bodies stereotyping of youth in our education system has
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