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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1920
Elizabeth Brule

Tuesday November 13 11/13/2012 6:35:00 AM Discourse: popular interpretation Gender discourses – gender interpretation; what is accepted as natural or norm; “ways of seeing and assuming” Discourses change … you can contribute to changing the discourses Compete to change discourses – so discourses become OBSOLETE Natural: means you are born with it, you are born with it, not learned, inborn, genetic Cultural: learned, culturally transmitted, environment, nurturer inevitable: unavoidable, bound to happen Natural and inevitable: has to be accepted, nothing can be changed Race Discourses a lot of racial stereotypes Racisim is worse now …because it is harder to pin point Visible minority: a racist term: ways of seeing people of colour white privilege, stereotypes put on this group it‟s a problem because …you are a “target” black female invisibility: civil rights: freedom, addressing injustice, advocating for basic human rights inclusiviness : to include all the blacks and all the woman civil rights left out black female and included black men and white woman race, gender, sex, class feminist movement – white feminist seeking votes to put down the votes of blacks REORIENTATION means shifting your identity so trying all these things to get oriented to your knew identity Identity – sense of self, private self. identity formation = development of our private self Compulsory HETEROSEXUALITY ADRIAN „S MAIN ARGUMENT: EXAM: define compulsory heterosexuality … state the relevance and example COMPULSORY HETEROSEXUALITY: required heterosexuality required in society to be straight. You have to like the opposite sex. atleast 10% are not straight. But it is not advocated as normal … and being anything but straight… you are going to be marginalized as deviant why is this term relevant: Because it is normal … and if this didn‟t exist Gender policing : making sure boys act a certain way and girls act a certain way so leslie‟s transgender and transculture 11/13/2012 6:35:00 AM Transculture and the work of gender whats connects transidentity together! TRANS – rejection of a normative experience… that is defined in terms of a sex / biology conflation. A broad term that includes a variety of identififcation from being queer, transgender, transsexual and any gender varient identity Each of these gender varient of identities have a number of identities that they describe. There is a no quick easy definition that you can apply to people. Trans also include people that are cross dressers, drag queens or kings, people who would consider themselves as lesb
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