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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1920
Elizabeth Brule

October 29 2013HREQ 1920 Lecture Hegemonic Masculinity These notions of gender are constantly changing age culture time periodThere are dominant ideals of masculinity and femininity they are held up as models that we get to measure ourselves by whether it be for males females heterosexuals etcWhere did these norms come from Whats the significance of these changesWe measure ourselves compared to others other races sexual minorities femalesOur ideal model of masculinity today it is imperative to be anything but feminineThese norms around masculinity are social constructs they are hegemonic the dominant ideal notion of masculinity that overpowers any other model of the masculineHegemonic masculinity is constructed in relation to subordinated masculinity these other masculinities are considered lesser within the hegemonic masculinityIt is also a rejection of the feminine it is an opposition to the boy the powerless child the femal
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