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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1930
Leo Stan

Inequalities in the Work-place & Health Outcomes One issue that the article raises but doesn't sufficiently address the issue of health inequalities within the work-place, particularly the correlation between unemployment and its relationship with health outcomes. The article attempts to identify this issue in some detail, but I will try to go beyond the course readings and explore deeper into the issue in ways that the reading does not. Health inequalities in the work-place is a significant determinant of one's health. Employment status and quality of work exert the strongest effects on individual health outcomes during adulthood, which is a significant determinant of one's health. Those unemployed or without a job face more severe health issues, particularly those living in low income communities. Communities with lower long- term employment rates and higher unemployment rates often have poorer health outcomes in regards to higher mortality rates, worse health conditions, and shorter life expectancies. Employees of a lower socio-economic status, particularly immigrant workers, are more likely to be exposed to unstable working conditions and face increased health risks than their counterparts. The experience of lasting unemployment goes well beyond income loss and 1bject poverty, and directly affects both me
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