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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1930
Leo Stan

Reflection Paper #10 By: Sameer M This reading examines the relationship between mortality and morbidity rates and how they affect one another. It focuses on the multidimensional nature of morbidity, and the important role that diverse cultural forces have on the patterns of behaviour during modernization. These forces involve rising health expectations on the part of ordinary people, including their ability to perceive illness and their willingness to seek professional help from medical professionals. According to Caldwell the health transition relates to the role that the cultural, social and behavioural determinants of health play in rising life expectancy at birth (the mortality transition) and the decreasing proportion of all deaths caused by infectious diseases. Currently, reported morbidity levels are highest in the wealthiest countries, as are the per capita amounts of money spent to secure health and control disease (Fuchs 1990). In general, it is not high-mortality developing countries which have high levels of morbidity, and low-mortality (generally develop
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