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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 2010
Antonio Torres- Ruiz

February 3rd 2014HREQ 2010 Human RightsEquity Studies Lecture First Nations in CanadaMigration Canadian ImmigrationHuman RightsMARCH 3RD NEW DUE DATE FOR RESEARCH PAPERFirst Indian Act 1857The Second 1876 differencesConfederation meant further oppression and marginalization against indigenous peopleThey continued to not be considered citizens until 1960It continued to be the Canadian government who recognized who was was not indigenous or First Nations people only if you were fully recognized were you protectedIndigenous Rights in the Early 21st CenturyIncreased reaffirmation of indigenous people the result of first nations getting organized mobilizingclaiming of rightsWhen it comes to democratic rule in the West if woman were eventually recognized as equals to men its because of the struggle claims are not easily and willingly grante
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