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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 2010
Antonio Torres- Ruiz

January 27th 2014HREQ 2010 Human RightsEquity StudiesFirst Nations in Canada Indigenous Rights and Treaties Lecturechanges in the syllabus February 10th Gender and Woman February 24th SexualityQueernessMarch 3rd RaceColonial North America historically refers to colonies and territories under the British Empire ex Canada was once a British colony Canadas constitution 1982Canada today is its own country with its own constitution with a charter of rights with recognition for human rights and human freedoms refer to Canadian charter of rights and freedoms for specific detailsIn 2006 the UN Council presented a UN Declaration of Rights for Indigenous peoples and the federal government of Canada refused to sign itCanada found these rights too specific in terms of land ownership one reason they refused to sign in agreementIn 2007 The house of commons called on the federa
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