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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 2010
Antonio Torres- Ruiz

November 4th 2013HREQ 2010 Lecture NotesAre human rights universal Universality of Human RightsAre they mostly western Moral historical and cultural arguments answer this questionInstitutions are important for human rightsindividual rights differences between cultures In the west what weve seen is the increasing individuality of individuals Arendt In the west weve moved towards individualism we tend to think more of us as the centre of our universe we are the most important thingInstead of engaging in the public sphere in politics the collective where were going where we come from we engage in ourselves what we like and what we dont people want to be popularIndividualism vs The collective our wants vs Us belonging to a societyThere is some global moral imperatives we need to recognize in terms of Human RightsThe idea of justice is global found in many different cultures what is right and what is wrong ethics and moralityHRs is connected to aspirations and some of those aspirations are universalThe need to recognize that some of those aspirations cannot be translated into law these are imperfect obligations these are found in all cultures might not be legislation but there are values they respect certain normsDo they represent exclusively western cultureRelativism vs Universalism is used to answer if human rights are relevant to everyone or if theyre only relevant to one cultureSharma an Indian scholar religious institutional perspective moral and historical argumentsHuman rights are relevant to everyone UNIVERSALLY because they are not morally valuable to people in the westCertain classical rights theorists might have done something unique classical rights theorists within the west were simply articulating a doctrine that was implicit in all
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