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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 2020

Davis and Stasz, “Women: The Sexualization of Deviance” The women movement changed many lives in major ways. It helped women especially in many different aspects of their lives. In the early sixties college graduates were treated differently due to their gender. Women and men with the same education had different jobs. Men were looked at as dominant and held to a higher standard then woman. Women with the same education as men were only given jobs assisting these men. Before the 1960s, which was the rise of the new feminism act women had no right to anything and were practically missing from studies such as sociology. When it came to crime and crime control women were left out but when it came to studies of sexual deviance women were the primary suspects. Some of the feminist scholars even pointed out that these studies treat women as the society dose, taken for granted, ignored and stereotyped. Before the women’s movement women were under strict control of fathers or husbands, if they were to appear in court they would have to be presented by their father or husband. Comparing women rights and the men’s rights at that time, if a boy had committed a deviant act it was looked at rebellious, it was made seem normal and part of the norm, but if it was a female they were labeled “neurotic” and submissively deviant. Even in occupational situations if a women manger was forceful, she would seem pushy, but a male in the same job position being forceful would be looked at as a “go-getter”. In today’s world we see a lot more equality and occupational freedom for women, but we still see that women are being labeled as deviant, especially when it comes to sexual issues. Women are still being demonstrated as deviant. 1 Culture of Honor, Culture of Change by A. Sev’er and G. Yurdakul and C. Colaguori- excerpert – “ women as Subjects of Moral Deviance: From Witch Hunts to “ The Slut Walk” Honor killing is an act that is committed in most Islam based countries; or is it? Honor killing in done to women most of the time, it is an act that allows the male, being the husband or father, to kill the female if they have brought shame to the family, In Turkish family honor is namus. Namus is how the family is presented mostly by the female, being the daughter or wife. It is said the honor killing is Islam based, but that just to blame religion for taboos that they believe in, honor killing was around a long time before
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