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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 2020
Claudio Colaguori

DEVIANCE HUMAN RIGHTS AND SOCIAL CONTROL LECTURE NOVEMBER 24TH 2011 ✗ TEST IS THE SAME FORMAT. TWO ESSAY QUESTIONSAND 30 MULTIPLE CHOICE ✗ Corporate rights seem to have greater power over individual rights ******** ✗ Citizens of democracy have freedom to act as a community and speak up. In other parts of the world, people are killed for being a journalist. Those who are in charge take the resources of the nation and do not help those in need with the money made. ✗ We are in the middle of a time of SOCIAL CRISIS and DRAMATIC CHANGE ✗ REFER TO WEBSITES ON SYLLABUS FOR FURTHER INFO ON WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD ✗ Mass media has a particular bias against the protesters and in favor of the authority groups when covering such information. The bias of the media is excused. Tells you about crime, the stock market, promotes mindlessness, against critical thinking, against intellectuals... ✗ Fox news claim to be fair and balanced meanwhile they try and sue those who use being fair and balanced as their reasoning. ✗ Lack of social awareness → how the majority of the class did not go down to the G20 event because they are scared ✗ News shows police cruiser on fire → how does this happen when there are so many police officers there ✗ Traditional ideological view → protestors are violent anarchist people ✗ Only a small portion of those who were there were actually destructive. Destroy store windows instead of killing people → trying to make a point ✗ World has been socially constructed by the leaders of the world ✗ Images shown to us on the news is edited because by just putting up a picture with no heading will cause for everyone to interpret the picture differently ✗ The media is telling you another story to accompany the image ✗ Twist in reporting on the second day → police getting out of hand, people detained, people getting beat → this changed because journalists themselves were getting beat up ✗ Criminalization and Dissent !!!!! ✗ We live in an emergence era ✗ Public Works Protection Act → using the law to justify increased police power, views in violence and human rights violations were then therefore justified ✗ Biggest arrest in history ✗ Police engage in mass arrests, put them in horrible conditions, teach them a lesson... ✗ We would not have these battles if people were convinced that the leaders in the world were actually helping the world ✗ More human beings dying of disease, being murdered, raped, starving today more than ever ✗ Most progressive period of capital growth in human history → banks made so much money and yet the governments are in deficit positions, people are losing their jobs, the States are living in poverty, resorting to a life of crime ✗ WHY DIDN'T THESE PROTESTORS VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE? → stuck between a rock and hard place because these representatives are about the elite and the State. Pyramid of power where corporate elites benefit the most in resources. We have a lot of oil in Canada too so how come we cannot own it? Why does Esso, Shell and Petro own it? Who gave this right? ✗ In other countries a gallon of gas costs 5 cents!! ✗ Most people are not aware of these issues therefore we cannot have a fully functioning democracy ✗ When voting you re submitting to the beliefs of the party and not all your own ✗ Anarchist → non hierarchical ✗ People are afraid of chaos and yet we are fully living in chaos ✗ Pattern used to silent dissent → refer to Fernandez article ✗ Since 9/11 we now live with a governm
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