HREQ 3010 notes from Antonio Torres-Ruiz's class

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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 3010
Antonio Torres- Ruiz

c;n ¾½¾¾ °€¯nfnf°[email protected]½ f¾¯Ŧ I°°f°!° °""ţ¯½ f° ¯¯° €c$¾ť½nf¯ f ¯nfnf° !½¯° &f¾'¯f°– ¾Ŧ @ï¾&f¾ °&½' ¾¯nfn ° fŦ n'° ¾° –f¾½' ½¯°° fŦ ,¯½f¾¾° – ¾€ nn !ţ€€° ° ¾ ¾€€€° n'° ¾Ŧ @°¾° &°€€° !&¾ť&¾ ¾ ¯½f¾¾°–n!*½ nfţ–f¾' ¾ ¯½f¾¾°n°¯nţ¾nf– ¾n nf !½¯° Ŧ +n 'ŦŦŦŦ €€° – ¾½¾€€n' ¾°& nf¾¾€ ¯ţ½! Ŧ -°-'f° f !¾'n¾nf°°n½f °–¾° !&¾ţ° ¾½ ¾!f °¾ţf° fn–'°°&–ŦŦŦ'nf°$ f°f.c$¾& ' ¾-'f f !¾'n¾Ŧ € °ţ¯¯f nn'¯¾ f°n¾¯f ¾¾ f°¾!°– °¾½f °¾ ¯f¾' °–¾¯½!¯° Ŧ /;'¾ °¾ f &nf°0½f¾°f!fff f Jf ½€2½ nf3–¯¾¯¾ *f¾ ¾½n c$¾4°–°ff°°¯nf n –¯&'0½n ¾¯f'¾¾€c$¾Ŧ c$¾ f ¾f€€n –!°¯° ¾¾½n €f°°€n¯° €c$¾ 4 f¾°f 0½n f n'° ¾ f f!¾–°n°!° °¾* f ¾JD+f!+66 !f °¾Ÿţ' ° °n¾¾fŦ0ŦD6f°° °f °fn¯°fn' Ŧ8'¾ ½¾¾ €°– ¾n' f! ¯€¯¾–°°– f–¯° ¯½¯° Ŧ c&f¾–f.f °f€€n ¾½n €f°°€n¯° €c$¾4nn¾¾ f fn' ¾&& !€° –f °° –fn°¯f!ff½¾ !°–f ! ¯½fn Ŧ°¾¯n'° ¾ f f!f!f½¾ !n°¯n¯½fn ţ ¾° f&f¾ f°!°¾ ' °€ ¾n°¯n–f°Ŧ Jf ½f n'fc$¾f¯¾ f°f¾ ¾½n 4Jn–¯¾f¯n°'n! '½°–&n–°f °2¾3€c$¾Ŧ cf!½f °¾nf°–! ¯4 f°&½n c$¾¾f¾ ¾*–¾¾!f °¾4+f¾ nf-'¾ °¾&¾ ¾½°¾ ° !°f°½!° 2 f¯'¯f° ff°3 ¾¾f¾
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