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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 3010
Antonio Torres- Ruiz

Human Rights and the Global Economy thMarch 4 2014 Education as a Human RightUrban Marginalization and SAPsEducation as a Human RightKen Robinson on EducationKen RobinsonBritish international advisor on education in the arts to government nonprofits education and arts bodies He was Director of The Arts in Schools Project 198589 Professor of Arts Education at the University of Warwick 19892001 and was knighted in 2003 for services to education httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvzDZFcDGpL4Ufeatureyoutube Education as a Human RightThe Nature of Knowledge Production and Transfer BackgroundSchool was traditionally seen as a public good whereas today it is increasingly seen as a private assetPublic Education is a hardwon democratic achievement Recent DevelopmentsNeoliberal push for the Privatization of EducationThe Commer
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