HUMA 1105 Lecture Notes - Hephaestus, Lerna

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Published on 16 Oct 2011
York University
HUMA 1105
1. Lines 104-115 Who tells things from the beginning? Hesiod or the Muses?
2. Lines 116-122 How do Chaos (chasm), Gaia (earth), Tartaros (abyss) and Eros
(sexual love) come into existence? Why do you think they are the first things in
3. Lines 154-210 What do you see as the important elements of this first succession
4. Lines 270-336 Why are the Medousa, the Hydra of Lerna, the Chimaira and the
Lion of Nemea stories linked together?
5. Lines 383-403 Who are Styx and her children Kratos and Bia and why do they
dwell with Zeus forever?
6. Lines 404-453 Who is Hecate? How and why is she so special to Zeus and to
7. Lines 459-506 What are the basic elements of the second succession myth?
8. Lines 507-616 Who are the four children of Iapetos and what events occurred in
their lives related to Zeus? Who is the "modest maiden" fashioned from clay and
what is Hesiod's opinion of her?
Hesiod intro questions
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